Polymershaps is an Affiliate and Partner to the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAC)

September 7, 2020

A division of Polymershapes, InsulgardTM Security Products provides architectural security systems built to resist ballistic, forced entry, and wind and impact threats. With the ability to take projects from concept through finished product, Insulgard adds expertise and value every step of the way. The Insulgard portfolio includes a vast array of products and systems, commonly found in banks, convenience stores, commercial and government offices, and retail establishments, such as counterlines, glazing materials, windows, doors, framing systems, transaction windows, and document and package passers. With one of the largest installation networks in the industry, we are able to serve customers across the nation.

Polymershapes welcomes the opportunity to work with RAIC members to provide them with exceptional quality, value and reliable products to meet applicable standards and regulatory requirements.

For more information please visit: https://raic.org/raic/polymershapes


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