Plastic Products for Greenhouses

Polymershapes has the perfect solutions for aesthetically pleasing and durable greenhouse applications that provide plants optimal conditions to grow and thrive. Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels create an ideal environment for light transmission and insulation. Deliver the ideal greenhouse to your customers with roof panels of twin-wall polycarbonate, which protects from strong sunlight exposure, and wall panels of tough clear polycarbonate that effectively transmit light AND insulate. With a variety of grades providing UV blockage up to 100% UV protection, polycarbonate from Polymershapes will not discolor, fracture or shatter -- it stands up to extreme weather conditions and delivers an ideal gardening environment for your clients.

A greenhouse is not a "sealed bubble" - to provide the ideal environment, it must have shutters to allow natural air into the space at controlled intervals to deliver ventilation that cools the greenhouse during warm days and provides critical air exchange.

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