Plastic Products for Golf Cart Windshields

Golf isn't a "contact sport," but golfers - especially the kind who don't let bad weather keep them off the course! - still need protection from the elements, not to mention stray shots and other high-speed objects. The same goes for other types of All-Terrain Vehicles, dirt bikes, and more. A key "protector" is a tough, durable windshield on the vehicle. Polymershapes offers a wide array of materials for producing clear, high-strength windows, from polycarbonate to acrylic to impact modified acrylic. Acrylic and polycarbonate are ideal materials, delivering optical clarity, resistance to breakage and discoloration, and light weight. And Polymershapes can provide you a broad range of fabrication services - cutting, routing, forming and bending, of both acrylic and polycarbonate - to provide you the exact size and shape you need.

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